#GAFPetPic competition

We loved meeting the GAF community's pets during online scholar and fellow networking events. From frogs to dogs, it's clear that animal companions have been a great source of support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. So, we kicked off 2021 with a photo competition asking for your cutest pet pics, and the GAF community delivered!
Small dog wearing a life jacket on an inflatable boat

First place goes to Griffith University scholar Alexandra Mclellan, who shared a photo of her dalmatian Eda.

"This is Eda. She is the newest addition to the family. She is a pure-bred dalmatian and is only one year old. In my eyes, she is special as she tries to brighten up my day while doing my uni work by goofing around and lying in weird positions. Such as the picture indicates. She gets a lot of attention when I take her for walks along the park from strangers, as people say they have never seen a dalmatian in real life; she loves the attention and greets them with a big smile. There is never a dull moment when she is around."

Happy black and white spotted dog sprawled on it's back and camouflaging with a black and white carpet

Next is Victoria University scholar Amber Karras, who shared a photo of her glamorous rabbit Indie.

"This is Indie, she will allow for any costume to be put on her, and she thrives for attention."

ResizedImage600600 Indie

In equal second place, James Cook University scholar Katelyn McMahon shared a picture of Gina the cuddly cow.

"Meet little miss Gina. She has so much love to give!"

Scholar taking a selfie while being kissed on the cheek by a black cow