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In 1972, George Alexander AM set up an independent philanthropic foundation as a way of sharing his wealth and giving back to the community.
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The main focus of The George Alexander Foundation is supporting access to education for promising young people, particularly those from rural and remote areas. Our aim is to help overcome barriers and make it possible for talented students to achieve their potential and go on to contribute to the Australian community.  

The George Alexander Foundation (GAF) Scholarship Programs form the core of the foundation's work, operating in partnership with major tertiary institutions, while our Fellowships and other Education grants provide other enriching and challenging educational experiences.

George Alexander believed in the notion of 'planting seeds and hoping they grow into pretty big trees'. The programs supported by the Foundation endeavour to support this ideal, and as GAF students graduate and go on to contribute to the community, George's legacy and spirit lives on through their achievements.

Scholarship and Fellowship Programs.


Our scholarships offer access to the opportunity of education, assisting promising students to fulfil their potential. We partner with higher education institutions across Australia to offer substantial scholarships that recognise talent, leadership potential and commitment to the community.

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Fellowships provide the means for talented individuals to pursue specific extended study and learning opportunities that may otherwise have been impossible. The George Alexander Foundation currently supports fellowships through The International Specialised Skills Institute and Earthwatch Australia’s Student Challenge Program.

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If you would like to invest in the further education of talented and dedicated young Australians, please make a tax-deductible donation online or call us on Tel 03 9650 3188 for other options.

The scholars and fellows supported through the GAF-funded programs are committed to their studies, to giving back to the community and to becoming future leaders in their fields.

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