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The George Alexander Foundation works with selected organisations to offer scholarships and fellowships.
Five James Cook University scholars waving, standing outside with trees and plants in the background.

The George Alexander Foundation scholarships and fellowships are offered through our Scholarship and Fellowship Program partners.

The George Alexander Foundation annually awards close to 100 scholarships and fellowships through these partnerships.

The scholarships and fellowships recognise talent, leadership potential, and commitment to the community, supporting driven individuals to fulfill their potential and empower their ongoing contributions to the broader community.

The George Alexander Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications and cannot fund individuals. The Foundation's scholarships and fellowships are offered through our program partnerships with organisations, primarily universities, TAFEs and other educational institutions.

To be eligible for funding, these organisations must have Deductible Gift Recipient (Item 1) status and Tax Concession Charity (TCC) status. 

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Emma Josey, Deakin University scholar

How to apply.

Applications for Scholarships and Fellowships are made through our partner institutions.

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Scholarship and Fellowship Programs.


Our scholarships offer access to the opportunity of education, assisting promising students to fulfil their potential. We partner with higher education institutions across Australia to offer substantial scholarships that recognise talent, leadership potential and commitment to the community.

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Fellowships provide the means for talented individuals to pursue specific extended study and learning opportunities that may otherwise have been impossible. The George Alexander Foundation currently supports fellowships through The International Specialised Skills Institute and Earthwatch Australia’s Student Challenge Program.

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