Our Vision

Patent diagram of original Neta nozzle, designed by George Alexander in the 1940s. Neta is the first Australian-designed and manufactured brass hose end fitting.
Diagram from patent showing original design for the Neta nozzle


Young people across Australia can access opportunities to succeed.


Support talented young leaders to fulfil their potential by achieving their educational goals and contributing to their communities;

Contribute to a sustainable Australia by supporting environmental education and encouraging young people's commitment to the environment;

Honour the legacy of founder and benefactor George Alexander and his desire to give back to the Australian community.

Funding Principles


George Alexander had strong ties to the land and was committed to environmental sustainability.

In line with George’s interest in the environment, the Foundation supports programs that seek to encourage education and knowledge-sharing in the areas of environmental science and sustainable industries and practices.


George Alexander was inspired to help others by his own experiences of hardship and lack of early education

Our scholars and fellows are involved in their communities and motivated to make a difference.

Our partners provide a supportive scholar network and opportunities for scholars to volunteer and connect.


George Alexander recognised the importance of creating opportunities for regional and rural students.

Our scholars and fellows come from all over Australia and are connected to their communities.

Our partners provide opportunities and support for regional and rural students to study.


George Alexander was a man of vision and generosity, who hoped that the work of the Foundation would inspire others to give back.

Our scholars and fellows demonstrate initiative and a capacity for leadership.

Our partners provide opportunities for leadership development via mentoring support and alumni engagement.


George Alexander was a self-made man whose hard work and ingenuity led him to accomplish much in his lifetime.

Our scholars and fellows demonstrate academic excellence and a drive to succeed.

Our partners deliver high-calibre, well-managed, demand-driven programs.

Sepia image of George Alexander age 21, face in profile.

Meet George

George Alexander was a man of vision and generosity.

His life story is a tale of achievement in the face of great odds, and it exemplifies the ethos that has helped build modern Australia.

Meet George
Black and white photograph of wheat harvester drawn by 3 horses

Our History

George Alexander liked the idea of 'planting seeds and hoping that they grow into pretty big trees' and this concept underscores his Foundation's philanthropy to this day.

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If you would like to invest in the further education of talented and dedicated young Australians, please make a tax-deductible donation online or call us on Tel 03 9650 3188 for other options.

The scholars and fellows supported through the GAF-funded programs are committed to their studies, to giving back to the community and to becoming future leaders in their fields.

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