Past Event

Burn Bright (Don’t Burnout)

Catch up on the online workshop Burn Bright (Don't Burnout).
three women siting on a bench smiling at a laptop.

In August 2023, scholars across Australia logged into the Foundation's online workshop Burn Bright (Don't Burnout), facilitated by Ryan and Jet from the Wake by Reach team.

After opening words of welcome from Paul Conroy, CEO of The George Alexander Foundation, scholars were invited to discuss the event theme - resilience.

If you were unable to attend, continue reading to explore teachings from the workshop.

Who comes to mind when you hear the word resilience?

From historical figures to family members, scholars shared who comes to mind when thinking about resilience.

Through discussing these individuals and their journeys, the group's definition of resilience became clear – flexibility and tenacity in the face of challenges and a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone.

How can we cultivate resilience?

Ryan and Jet spoke about the importance of mindset when cultivating resilience and introduced the group to the ideas of Fixed and Growth Mindsets.

“A characteristic of a fixed mindset is avoiding uncertainty or challenges because you believe they will lead to failure.”

 “We believe resilience involves adopting the growth mindset that you are willing to give things a crack, even if the outcome isn’t guaranteed. It’s embracing the new or the scary, reviewing your effort rather than the outcome, and celebrating the learning no matter the result.”

Prompts for reflection

Throughout the workshop, scholars entered breakout rooms to reflect on their experiences with fixed and growth mindsets. Explore your own experiences by answering prompts discussed in the breakout rooms.

  • Reflecting on the past 3 months, can you identify when you might've adopted a fixed mindset?
  • Again, in your past 3 months, where have you adopted a growth mindset? What was the benefit?
  • What is coming up for you where you'll be doing something new or scary? How will you approach this and review that experience?

Thank you to all the scholars who came along to Burn Bright (Don't Burnout). The GAF team looks forward to seeing you and others in the GAF community at future workshops.