Annual Reports

2011 CEO's Report

This year has seen the GAF Scholarship Program develop and grow. There is always a diverse range of students applying for scholarships and each scholarship program is different and tailored to the needs of the respective university and students.
GAF CEO next to young Swinburne GAF scholar

The GAF Scholarships are highly competitive, so successful students are to be congratulated for their academic achievements, their desire to succeed and their commitment to give back to the community.

In recent years we have seen some very important value-add elements become an integral part of some of our scholarship programs.

At Swinburne University, one of the strengths of the program is the Scholars Network which provides our GAF Scholars with peer support and academic and social opportunities. Existing scholars act as mentors for each new group and assist in making the transition to university and living away from home. At Swinburne, a requirement of the program is that scholars undertake some formalised volunteer work.

As part of the program at RMIT, the Foundation provides a small amount of funding so that all GAF Scholars can participate in the leadership and mentoring RMIT LEAD Program. Each student is given leadership training and must also participate in a minimum of 15 hours of volunteering in a University accredited program.    

At Deakin University, a GAF Alumni network has been established by the students, which organises events for new scholars and includes a buddy program between scholars.

2012 will be an exciting year for the Foundation as we will celebrate 40 years since The George Alexander Foundation was established and 10 years since the first Scholarship Program began. George Alexander often said that the students the Foundation helped to support would, in later years, be leaders and future contributors to our community and would become his greatest legacy, and as we approach these significant milestones, this certainly seems to be the case. 

Janet Hirst