Annual Reports

2019 Vision & Mission

In 2019, the Board formalised a Vision & Mission for The George Alexander Foundation to memorialise the wishes of the late George Alexander.
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Almost fifty years ago, The George Alexander Foundation was established with a simple goal in mind: to give back to the Australian community.

Throughout these years, the scope of the Foundation’s interests has narrowed to better reflect George Alexander’s personal interests. By focusing on its funding objectives, the Foundation has also been able to ensure its work has a far greater impact.
This year, the Board formalised a Vision & Mission for The George Alexander Foundation to clearly illustrate and memorialise the wishes of the late George Alexander.


Young people across Australia can access opportunities to succeed.

This vision reflects George’s desire to help young people overcome barriers to education and echoes his own struggle to gain a formal education in his youth.


Support talented young leaders to fulfil their potential by achieving their educational goals and contributing to their communities.

The core of the Foundation’s work is funding scholarship and fellowship programs across Australia. Through a range of university partners, the Foundation provides financial support to students who need to relocate from rural and regional areas to undertake these educational opportunities. The Foundation also supports professionals who are seeking to further develop their skills and knowledge in specialist areas through its partnership with the International Specialist Skills Institute.

Contribute to a sustainable Australia by supporting environmental education and encouraging young people’s commitment to the environment.

George was committed to environmental sustainability. In line with George’s interest in the environment, the Foundation supports programs that seek to encourage education and knowledge-sharing in the areas of environmental science and sustainable industries and practices. The Foundation currently honours this through its support of the Earthwatch Student Challenge program which provides opportunities for senior high school students to participate in hands-on environmental field research.

Honour the legacy of founder and benefactor, George Alexander, and his desire to give back to the Australian community.

Each of the Foundation’s current partnerships provides opportunities to young people with great potential, giving them the means to achieve their educational goals and contribute back to their communities and society in general. In this way, our Alumni honour the legacy of George’s generous philanthropy.

By establishing a formal Vision and Mission, the Board and staff of The George Alexander Foundation can ensure that future initiatives will continue to be guided by the wishes of George Alexander and commemorate his legacy.

The Hon Susan Crennan, AC, QC