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Resilient Leaders Program

Online professional development workshops for scholars and alumni.
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George Alexander hoped scholars would have the opportunity to connect, share experiences and learn from each other.

The George Alexander Foundation Resilient Leaders Program provides online workshops focusing on connection and professional development, equipping scholars with skills and networking experiences they can apply in their professional careers.

Professional Development

The Resilient Leaders Program workshops, led by the incredible team at Wake by Reach, equip scholars with tools to navigate their personal and professional life.

Wake is part of The Reach Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation helping young people across Australia to build skills and confidence to navigate their future. 

Wake by Reach specialises in designing and delivering workshops with meaningful learning opportunities, creating an accessible, inclusive, and tailored approach to leadership skills, resilience, and goal setting.

Community and Connection

Scholarship recipients are immediately welcomed into The GAF Scholar Network, a diverse community brought together by shared attributes; leadership potential, commitment to community and academic excellence.

Scholars can connect with this Australia-wide community through the Resilient Leaders Program online workshops, meeting peers outside of their specific course, campus, and institution.

Key workshops are also open to alumni, providing undergraduate GAF scholars with opportunities to learn from graduates who are 'at large' in the community, working in diverse fields and contributing to their communities.

What a privilege it is to be offered not only this scholarship but also the community surrounding it and the ability to strive towards present and future goals.


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