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Fellowships to support early-career professionals in developing leading practices and innovation in Australia.
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The George Alexander Foundation Fellowship Program at the International Specialised Skills Institute

The George Alexander Foundation Fellowship Program at the International Specialised Skills Institute (ISS Institute) commenced in 2006.  

The Fellowship Program supports early-career professionals to travel abroad, acquire higher-level skills and drive leading practice and innovation in their fields upon returning to Australia. 

Six fellowships are awarded annually, each valued at $20,000. Fellows receive a cash award of $10,000, and a further $10,000 is paid to the ISS Institute to deliver mentoring, reporting support and networks to the fellow.

The Fellowship Program prioritises the research and examination of international best practices in the following areas:

  • Artisan skills

  • Heritage skills and lost trades

  • Environment and sustainability

  • Alternative energy

  • Education

Upon their return to Australia, fellows are required to pass on what they have learnt by preparing a detailed report for distribution to government departments, industry and educational institutions.

I hope to inspire change within an industry that uses a lot of floral foam, plastic, imported flowers and often this all ends up in landfill. Through conversation and demonstration, I endeavour to teach as many florists about ecologically sounds floristry practices.

Aga Jones, ISS Institute fellow

The ISS Institute was founded 30 years ago by a small group of innovative leaders with a vision of building a community of industry specialists who would lead the up-skilling of the Australian workforce.

Investing in talented, passionate and innovative Australians to travel abroad to develop new skills and knowledge and return to Australia to disseminate their learnings has and continues to create a ‘better skilled Australia.' The Institute has funded and supported over 500 Fellows, who have become agents of change and drivers of innovation within their professional communities. 

ISS Institute fellows.

How to apply.

Further eligibility details and how to apply can be found on the ISS Institute website.

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